Game Rules
(Please click here for the Official Rules)

  1. Givling is for everyone! You do not need student or mortgage debt to play and win at Givling.
  2. Every player gets two free rounds of Givling every 24-hours, made available at midnight, Mountain Time.
  3. Each round of Givling, after the two free plays, require a Givling coin. Givling coins cost 50 cents (plus PayPal/Braintree fees).
  4. Each time you play a round of Givling you are assigned to a 3-person Team.
  5. Members of the Team play a fast paced trivia game to accumulate points that are added together for a team score.
  6. Surpassing either individual score of your team mates will add extra bonus points.
  7. If you answer a statement incorrectly you generate a strike. When you have accumulated three strikes your round ends. Or alternatively if you've answered all the presented statements your round ends.
  8. If you answer your phone during a round of Givling or stop the game before the round is over, that round will be voided and you will lose your freeplay or coin.
  9. The highest scoring Team at the time the countdown clock on the App ends wins the cash prize. The cash prize and the amount of time left to play games is visible on the App.
  10. You can play multiple times during the funding period to register higher scores.
  11. The prize money is divided equally among the 3 members of the winning team.
  12. Don't play Givling with more than one account! If you do, we reserve the right to ban you from the game and from the Queue.